Two new collection websites

15th of March 2017

The websites for the Catteau and Van Herck Collections have been re-vamped. Why not have a look!

The collection Catteau contains over 800 ceramic and stoneware pieces created by Charles Catteau (1880 – 1966). The collection became the worldwide reference for Charles Catteau’s work and the production of Boch Keramis during the Art Deco period. Assembled by Claire De Pauw and Marcel Stal, this collection had been donated to the King Baudouin Foundation in 1999.
Visit the Catteau website

Collected by the Antwerp art merchant Charles Van Herck (1884–1955), the Van Herck Collection comprises more than 700 drawings and 110 terracotta objects dating from between the 17th and 19th centuries. They are above all preparatory works for monumental sculptures and sculpted ornamental church furniture, made by artists from the Southern Netherlands and particularly from the Antwerp region. The collection is an essential source for the study of the Antwerp Baroque period and of the process of creating sculptures.
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