The descendants of Albert Dupuis, composer and conductor of the Verviers Orchestra, have donated his archive to the King Baudouin Foundation. The collection will be kept in the Music Department of the Royal Library of Belgium, which will be responsible for making an inventory of the archive, studying it and making it accessible to the public.

The Eliane Vercaempt Fund has acquired Théâtre, a masterpiece by Maurice Maeterlinck and Léon Spilliaert. The three volumes of this work are now part of our public heritage, thanks to a rescue operation conducted in close cooperation with the RMFAB and the Flemish Community.

Twenty-six Inuit stone sculptures from the Baker Lake region in Canada can now be admired at the Centre d’Interprétation de la Pierre in Sprimont. This formerly private collection of sculptures was donated to the King Baudouin Foundation to ensure their safeguard for future generations.


At BRAFA the King Baudouin Foundation bought a silver coat hook and six ladies' buttons designed by the renowned painter George Morren. Unique Art Nouveau jewellery from the artist's estate.

At the beginning of this year, the Belgian Heritage Fund (Erfgoedfonds) purchased ‘The Arrival at St. Anneke, with view of Antwerp’ (‘De aankomst in Sint-Anneke, met zicht op Antwerpen’), a work by Hendrik van Minderhout and Jan van Helmont. The painting is being lent to Museum Vleeshuis. This unique illustration of Antwerp in the seventeenth century is thus returning to its native city.