Every work acquired or received is made accessible to everyone via a public collection. A work may also be loaned temporarily. For further information, please contact Julie Lenaerts. Tel. +32 2 549 61 50 or [email protected]

Long-term loans

A large part of the collection is on long-term loan, entrusted to over 25 museums and public institutions across Belgium, thus making the collection accessible to the general public. Each item in our collection is placed in the most appropriate public collection or location, in function of the place to which it is most closely linked. The choice of location is made by our Control Commission in function of the site that has a historic link with the work or a public collection that enables the work’s interest for our heritage to be highlighted. The institution to which the work is entrusted is required to promote the work it is loaned, to encourage scientific research about it and to publish the results of this research.

Temporary loans

Our works can also be the subject of temporary loans for exhibitions in Belgium or abroad. In this instance, the exhibition in question must offer real added value to the object on loan.
Every request for a loan is subject to the Foundation’s general terms and conditions regarding insurance, transport, conditions of security and transport and communication. These terms are available on request.
Each request for a loan is given careful consideration. The opinion of the curator in the institution to which the work or document has been entrusted is also sought. Where there is any doubt, the Control Commission is consulted.

Application for a loan

Practical data
Scenario and location of the work in this scenario
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