Heritage Fund

Preserving our heritage

The Heritage Fund regularly purchases, or receives as a donation, significant works of art, archives and documents for our Belgian heritage. The Fund was created in 1987 as part of the King Baudouin Foundation. Its objective is to favour the accessibility of these works and hand them on to future generations. In over 30 years, the Heritage Fund has been able to build up a particularly rich and representative collection which, today, comprises almost 21,560 works of art and 22 archival funds.

Heritage that is accessible to everyone

The collection is made accessible to everyone thanks to the partnership with public museums and institutions. The Heritage Fund also makes every effort to reach as wide a public as possible through its publications, exhibitions, websites and digital tools. The management of works is always in close collaboration with the custodial institution.

Putting actors in touch for heritage

As a private public utility foundation, the King Baudouin Foundation can facilitate joint projects involving private actors and public institutions. When consulted as a mediator, people can count on the impartial image of the Heritage Fund, its experience, extensive network, flexible and transnational formulae for patronage and the ties it has been able to establish with various communities.

Donating for heritage

Many philanthropists share the concerns of the Heritage Fund and find support there for their initiatives. Some of them create a structure within the King Baudouin Foundation that bears their name and has as objective to provide financial support for a heritage project. Others donate to the Heritage Fund significant works of Belgian heritage, which they have acquired or collected. The Heritage Fund coordinates these initiatives in order to guarantee an optimal impact for every initiative.