Current calls for projects

You can submit an application for any of the projects mentioned below.
The calls are listed according to application deadlines.

Cultural Project Account

Raising funds in total transparency for an original cultural project, conducted with a precise budget and timetable.

Closing date: 
Monday 27 January 2020

Cultural Project Account – Museum

Raising funds with your association or museum to revalue your public heritage collection through a project that has a precise budget and timing.

Closing date: 
Monday 27 January 2020

Richard Forgeur Fund

Support for the restoration of architectural and immoveable heritage in the Province of Liege.

Closing date: 
Wednesday 29 January 2020

Sillon d'Art Fund

Supporting cultural, artistic or musical activities in Magobe (La Roche) and its surroundings to encourage collaboration, sharing and cultural well-being

Closing date: 
Tuesday 11 February 2020

David-Constant Fund

Protection and promotion of the heritage of Liege.

Closing date: 
Wednesday 19 February 2020

Jean Vin Fund - Jean Vin Prize (call for individuals)

The annual Jean Vin Prize (€ 5,000) is awarded to a person, an association or an organization that makes an active contribution to preserving the natural heritage of Hautes Fagnes in Belgium.

Closing date: 
Wednesday 26 February 2020