Preserving our heritage

The King Baudouin Foundation undertakes to safeguard Belgium’s heritage in a number of ways.

Through the Heritage Fund, it seeks to acquire relevant works and testimonies, to promote them and make them accessible to the general public.

In parallel to this the Centre for Philanthropy encourages patronage and provides support for anyone (a collector, heritage enthusiast, private banker, notary or whoever) who has a project designed to safeguard and promote our heritage. This support may simply consist of advice, which is free of any commitment, or logistical support for the implementation of a project. Given that project needs are often very specific, the Foundation offers tailor-made solutions. It can also provide aid through its own network, experience or knowledge in relation to legal aspects. The Centre nevertheless tries to remain as a neutral, external partner who seeks to find, in partnership with the philanthropist, the most suitable solution both for the initiator and the beneficiary.

The Heritage Fund oversees all the initiatives relating to heritage in its broadest sense (including moveable heritage, architecture, nature, history and archaeology) and seeks to ensure the greatest possible impact for the activities of the various funds active in this field.