About the collection

The King Baudouin Collection assembles major works of Belgian heritage as well as exceptional testimonies of our past. These are usually elements of great historic or artistic interest, representative of a particular artist, a certain style or period or an artistic discipline.

Some 21,560 works, covering different disciplines, styles and periods, and 22 archival funds, constitute this wide-ranging and varied collection. Acquired individually or as part of a much broader ensemble, these objects have been acquired through public sales or have come from private collections. The Foundation has been able to secure them either with its own funds or thanks to generous donations.

Proposals for acquisitions can emanate from public collection managers as well as private individuals. The Heritage Fund also stays informed about the art market and may take its own initiatives. Every proposal is carefully examined. Independent experts, Belgian and foreign, are consulted about the importance of a work for our heritage and its place in the history of art.

Discover the collection

The Gallery of masterpieces enables you to visualize our collection at a glance. We have selected around 40 works for you.

If you prefer to have a much broader look at the collection, or if you are searching for a particular work, click on Overview of the collection.

For certain collections, an online inventory is accessible via a dedicated website.