The Heritage Fund also aims to raise public awareness and visibility for its collection and to provide access to it for the general public through its publications. It ensures that scientifically innovative information is communicated in an accessible manner.
Below is a list of published work, classified in function of publication date.

2021 - 7€

Raoul Servais’s ground-breaking work paved the way for the development of animated film in Belgium. He is a consummate artist, whose inventiveness and technical research are inextricably linked. Throughout his career, he has searched for the technology best suited to representing his ideas as faithfully as possible and, more importantly, capturing a specific atmosphere. Raoul Servais entrusted his graphic work to the Foundation. This richly illustrated book is an invitation to explore Raoul Servais’s work and legacy.

2019 - € 5 

A new take on Christian Dotremont and his links with surrealism. Before founding the Cobra movement and inventing his famous ‘logograms’ (or word pictures), Dotremont began his creative career as a young poet alongside the surrealists. Within the context of the Occupation, they were forced to consider some existential issues. This turbulent but crucial period in the artist’s career and the history of surrealism can be retraced thanks to Dotremont’s archival collection, donated to the King Baudouin Foundation by his brother, Guy Dotremont.

2018 - € 5
In autumn 1862, Léopold, Duke of Brabant, undertook a second voyage to Egypt. What motivated the heir to the throne of Belgium to return to a faraway country that he already knew and what had led to this interest? Léopold’s journal during his trip enables us to reconstruct, step by step, his extraordinary adventure and gradually find out more about him. This precious document for our shared heritage was acquired by the King Baudouin Foundation.

2017 - free
How to encourage patronage for culture and heritage?
The symposium in three parts ‘Donating for heritage and culture in Belgium’ summarised by Patrick Verstuyft.