The Heritage Fund also aims to raise public awareness and visibility for its collection and to provide access to it for the general public through its publications. It ensures that scientifically innovative information is communicated in an accessible manner. Below is a list of published work, classified in function of publication date.

2023 - 7 €.

Between 1931 and 1935, Simenon travelled extensively, capturing on film a world doomed to disappear.

2023 - € 5


The animated film-maker Raoul Servais (b.1928) lived through the Second World War and this tragic event had a great impact on his life and work. The war turned him into an uncompromising pacifist, but it also provided him with an inexhaustible source of inspiration for his work as a film-maker, creator of animated films and visual artist. In later life, Raoul Servais wrote down his memories of the war and illustrated them with drawings. In this publication, he shares with us this unique and very personal testimony.

2022 - € 7


Christian Dotremont would have been 100 years old in 2022. As a tribute to the artist, the King Baudouin Foundation has organized an exhibition of photographs taken by Georges A. Bertrand. The photographs invite us on a poetic journey, visiting emblematic places in the life of Christian Dotremont, in dialogue with the artist’s work.

2021 - 7€

Raoul Servais’s ground-breaking work paved the way for the development of animated film in Belgium. He is a consummate artist, whose inventiveness and technical research are inextricably linked. Throughout his career, he has searched for the technology best suited to representing his ideas as faithfully as possible and, more importantly, capturing a specific atmosphere. Raoul Servais entrusted his graphic work to the Foundation. This richly illustrated book is an invitation to explore Raoul Servais’s work and legacy.