2008 - € 5
Discover this unique collection of over 140 bas-reliefs. An impressive testimony to the history of sculpture and the art of medals in Belgium.

2007 - € 18 A richly illustrated book containing photographic images of Stanley’s expeditions into the heart of Central Africa in the 19th century. The first photos ever taken in these tropical lands.

2007 - € 5 An exceptional and unique piece of Tournai pottery under microscope of eminent specialists.

2006 - € 29,95
The first collection devoted to Stanley’s archives, including hitherto unpublished information, photographs and geographical details.

2006 - € 15
A CD and booklet on Yves Becko’s important opera collection, which brings together countless exceptional records as well as unique documents relating to opera in Belgium and France between 1890 and 1950. Undoubtedly the reference collection of Belgian opera.