2014 - € 5 What was day-to-day life like on the Amerois Estate, the holiday home of the Counts of Flanders? The Chronique des Amerois, the journal kept year after year from the summer of 1894 by Princess Henriette, niece of Leopold II, sheds some light on events. Apart from Henriette’s personal notes and drawings, the chronicle also contains contributions from other members of the royal family and its guests, with amusing anecdotes and experiences, fun little poems and even literary exercises, all of which serve to bring the period to life.

2014 - € 8 - (sold out) Edited by the Heritage Fund to mark the occasion of François Schuiten’s donation, this book takes the visitor on a journey of discovery of the universes created by François Schuiten. Benoît Peeters evokes the "Cités obscures" and Thierry Bellefroid talks about François Schuiten’s work as a young man. Tristan Garcia casts a more philosophical look at his work.

2013 - € 5 (sold out)
A beautifully illustrated book about the sculpture and its history! This book highlights the Heritage Fund’s acquisition of La Charité, one Belgian heritage’s emblematic Baroque sculptures, created by Jan Van Delen for the Saint Ursule Chapel. Purchased in London, the work has returned to Belgium after an absence of two centuries.

2013 - € 5
Namur Cathedral’s treasure not only bears witness to the piety of the greatest and the most humble people, but also entrusts us with an inestimable heritage. The Pierre François Tilmon Fund has as its objective to promote the heritage of Namur’s museums. In producing this publication,, the fund invites us to (re-)discover the heritage of the Cathedral’s treasure, and in particular those works that have been listed by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

2013 - € 5 In 1869, Europe had lost all trace of David Livingstone, the Scottish doctor and missionary. Livingstone’s explorations on the African continent made him one of the most celebrated figures in the scientific world, notably revealing to Europe the existence of the Victoria Falls and mapping out the course of the Zambezi River. The American journalist Henry M Stanley was commissioned to find Livingstone. He undertook a large-scale expedition as far as Lake Tanganyika, with the firm intention of returning to Europe with both Livingstone and a multitude of discoveries.