2015 - € 7 The publication Emblemata Evangelica. Hans Bol reveals the secrets of one of our heritage’s masterpieces. Emblemata Evangelica is an album that contains reproductions of thirteen preparatory drawings made by the Mechelen artist Hans Bol (1534-1593), as well as the engravings made from them, in a suite of representations of the months of the year that recall biblical scenes.

2015 - € 6 Liege-born painter and engraver Armand Rassenfosse is without doubt one of the greatest Walloon artists from the turn of the 19th century. Yet despite his many talents, his work as a book illustrator has rarely been emphasised. This publication shines the spotlight on Rassenfosse's important contribution to the publishing world as well as his role as an illustrator of high-quality bibliophily.

2015 - € 7 Illustrated publication: a unique collection of Egyptian fabrics from Late Antiquity, donated to the Foundation

2015 - free This brochure sets out to show how, through the initiatives of various patrons, the King Baudouin Foundation implements philanthropic projects designed to protect and preserve our natural heritage and cultural sites. It explains how the Foundation can help you to realise your own particular philanthropic project.

2015 - Free Private collectors talk about their passion for collecting. Other actors discuss the historic role played by private collectors in creating our public collections and the various forms of collaboration between public institutions and private collectors with a view to perpetuating our national heritage and ensuring its accessibility.