2006 - € 5 This publication sets out the history of the portrait of Jan Vekemans which, after four centuries, finally re-joined the portraits of the other members of his family. An exceptional portrait from the hand of Cornelis De Vos, one of Antwerp’s greatest portrait artists.

2006 - € 10
Marcel Wolfers’ monumental table centrepiece Ondine bears witness to pre-war aspirations, when prestige, grandeur, lustre and label were in their dying throes. The publication comes with a DVD about Expo 58 (produced in collaboration with Cinematek).

2005 - Free (digital) Discover this important testimony to medieval culture: its content as well as its use, its destination, ornamental programme, the process of its decoration and its stylistic characteristics, bookbinding and history.

2005 - € 5 (sold out)
A peep into the end of the 19th century with one of the most emblematic aspects of Brussels Art Nouveau.

2005 - Free (digital) An artistic and historical study of the monumental chain of the Guild of Saint-Sébastien de Herenthout.