2006 - € 15
A CD and booklet on Yves Becko’s important opera collection, which brings together countless exceptional records as well as unique documents relating to opera in Belgium and France between 1890 and 1950. Undoubtedly the reference collection of Belgian opera.

2006 - € 5 This publication sets out the history of the portrait of Jan Vekemans which, after four centuries, finally re-joined the portraits of the other members of his family. An exceptional portrait from the hand of Cornelis De Vos, one of Antwerp’s greatest portrait artists.

2006 - € 10
Marcel Wolfers’ monumental table centrepiece Ondine bears witness to pre-war aspirations, when prestige, grandeur, lustre and label were in their dying throes. The publication comes with a DVD about Expo 58 (produced in collaboration with Cinematek).

2005 - Free (digital) Discover this important testimony to medieval culture: its content as well as its use, its destination, ornamental programme, the process of its decoration and its stylistic characteristics, bookbinding and history.

2005 - € 5 (sold out)
A peep into the end of the 19th century with one of the most emblematic aspects of Brussels Art Nouveau.