2000 - € 22,31 (sold out)
An in-depth study of over 700 drawings dating from the 16th to 19th centuries from the Van Herck Collection. An essential reference collection for the study of Antwerp Baroque art and the conception of liturgical furniture.

1998 - € 2,48
An initiatory journey across the visual arts and highly symbolic language of Félicien Rops.

1997 - € 11,16
A treasure trove of information about the founders of the Belgian dynasty, the things of concern to them, their work and manner of working. The publication also throws an interesting light on the history of a whole century.

1996 - € 2,48
A presentation about the rare production of Victor Horta carpets and one of his most beautiful Art Nouveau works.

1995 - € 2,48
A publication about the greatest hoards of axes dating from the end of the Bronze age ever exhumed in Belgium.