2012 - Free 25 years devoted to our heritage! A richly documented and illustrated commemorative work retraces the acquisition of some thirty masterpieces.

2011 - € 7 An artistic and historical look at a work that testifies to the pictorial tradition of Hieronymous Bosch.

2011 - € 10
The donor shares his thoughts with us. To mark the creation of the Michel Wittock Fund, Michel Wittock introduces his remarkable collection of European bookbinding. The collection covers periods from the Renaissance to the present time, as well as various archival funds and documents relating to books and literature.

2011 - € 5 Reminding us that Enghien used to be an important centre of tapestry-making, this work discusses four tapestries purchased by the Michel Demoortel Fund.

2008 - € 10 This book of souvenirs, sketches, collages, photos and love letters provides a testimony to the omnipresent creativity of the Brussels surrealists, which even manifested itself in their daily lives.