2002 - € 7,5
Civilisation et Barbarie set in context! A masterpiece that is not only a symbol of Belgian Art Nouveau, but also a page of Belgium’s history.

2001 - € 4,96 (sold out)
An initiation to the Catteau Collection, a worldwide reference for ceramic art in Belgium, particularly that of Charles Catteau and the Art Deco production of the period at Boch Keramis.

2001 - € 3 (sold out)
Find out more about the particularities of this clock from Charles de Lorraine’s collection: an object that is both functional and decorative, with its complex mechanism and singular symbolism. Part of a collection that is unique and a veritable reflection of its period.

2001 - € 7,93
A richly documented publication on a unique Antwerp Baroque work that belonged to Rubens, remarkable for the quality of its creation and its singular iconography. 

2000 - € 22,31 (sold out)
An in-depth study of over 700 drawings dating from the 16th to 19th centuries from the Van Herck Collection. An essential reference collection for the study of Antwerp Baroque art and the conception of liturgical furniture.