2002 - € 8,5 (sold out)
A video document about the Heures Tavernier, a rare manuscript acquired by the Moveable Heritage Fund in 2001.

2002 - Free (digital)
Find out more about this extremely rare manuscript from the Dukes of Burgundy’s library: a masterpiece that stands out because of the quality of its illumination, the manuscript’s history and the importance of the person who commissioned it.

2002 - € 7,5
Civilisation et Barbarie set in context! A masterpiece that is not only a symbol of Belgian Art Nouveau, but also a page of Belgium’s history.

2001 - € 4,96 (sold out)
An initiation to the Catteau Collection, a worldwide reference for ceramic art in Belgium, particularly that of Charles Catteau and the Art Deco production of the period at Boch Keramis.

2001 - € 3 (sold out)
Find out more about the particularities of this clock from Charles de Lorraine’s collection: an object that is both functional and decorative, with its complex mechanism and singular symbolism. Part of a collection that is unique and a veritable reflection of its period.