1994 - € 2,48
A presentation of the Malines Guild Chain (its function, iconography and the techniques used) together with historical data on the corporations system.

1991 - € 2,48
The Treasure of Thuin, with its inestimable archaeological and numismatic value, set in its historical context.

1991 - € 2,48
Considered as one of the artist’s masterpieces, Fernand Khnopff’s portrait of his sister is a canvas from which the painter never wanted to be separated. Discover this mysterious painting, the true background to Khnopff’s portrait and his feminine ideal.

1991 - € 2,48
A historical approach and iconographic analysis of a work of enormous documentary value.

1990 - € 3,72
A publication about a hundred or so handwritten letters, sent to Francis Cranevelt by some of the greatest humanists of the 16th century, the documents’ provenance and historical context, complete with an inventory.