The work of two important Belgian artists now preserved in Belgium and made accessible, thanks to the unprecedented collaboration of the Wolfers family, the Royal Museums of Art and History and the King Baudouin Foundation!

Several hundred pieces of original artwork and archival documents of the Belgian comic book artist Edgar P Jacobs have been donated to the King Baudouin Foundation. The Foundation’s first task is to draw up an accurate inventory.

Having only recently reappeared, this unique collection of songs will henceforth be known as the Leuven Songbook. A Léon Courtin - Marcelle Bouché Fund acquisition.

'La Sphinge', the only colour drawing made by Félicien Rops for his series Les 'Diaboliques', will no longer leave our public collections! An acquisition by the King Baudouin Foundation Heritage Fund.

Some 140 unpublished letters written by Maurice Maeterlinck (1862-1949) have been acquired by the Abbé Manoël de la Serna Fund. The letters provide us with fresh insight into the life of the famous writer.