Mr and Mrs Guy Dessicy have donated around a hundred letters written by Hergé, the famous comic book artist, to his private secretary Marcel Dehaye. The letters are to be entrusted to the Bibliotheca Wittockiana in Brussels, thus guaranteeing their careful conservation.

A substantial part of Hugo Claus’s archives are now accessible to the public thanks to the Heritage Fund, which has acquired the archives and entrusted them to the Letterenhuis in Antwerp. The historical, literary and scientific importance of the archives is indisputable.

The David-Constant Fund has just purchased an ensemble of large paintings by the Liege Painter Paul-Joseph Carpay. The works will be entrusted to the University of Liege to hang in one of the rooms in the Château of Colonster.

The Christian Bauwens Fund has acquired a half-set of jewellery created by Arthur Dufour in the 19th century. This magnificent broach and drop earrings in Second Empire style are the second acquisition made by the fund.

Thanks to the Christian Bauwens Fund, a gondola-shaped dish that was formerly part of the service in Tournai porcelain made for the Duke of Orleans, at the end of the 18th century, is now part of the MRAH collections.