The Heritage Fund has purchased a series of 13 preparatory drawings by Hans Bol, as well as the Adrien Collaert prints made from them. The series will enrich the Royal Library’s collection.

A double bass by Benoît Joseph Boussu (1703-1773) has just become part of the heritage of the Museum of Musical Instruments thanks to the Léon Courtin-Marcelle Bouché Fund. It is the only double bass that can be attributed to him at this time.

Made in the 17th century, these views of Rome played a part in the development of a new form of art.

The personal diaries of Belgian novelist Dominique Rolin and her correspondence with Philippe Sollers have been saved for posterity.

The Foundation acquired this prestigious, early 15th century book of hours, which is typical of the pre-Eyckian output of workshops in Bruges during this period. The work has been entrusted to the Groeninge Museum as part of its permanent collection.