Egyptian Textiles at the Mariemont Museum

9th of June 2015

Prompted by their desire to protect the collection and to render it accessible to the general public, Maria Luise Fill and Robert Trevisiol decided to donate their collection of Coptic textiles to the King Baudouin Foundation. The collection consists of over two hundred pieces of Egyptian textiles that date mainly from between the 2nd and 10th century AD.

The collection comprises over two hundred fragments of clothing - mainly tunics - and furnishing fabrics, including cushion covers, bedspreads, curtains and tablecloths. They enable us to discover not only a great diversity of techniques and styles, but also an absolutely extraordinary palette of colours and beautifully refined fabrics, decorated with superb motifs, characters and appliqués.

From 14 June, an initial selection from this remarkable collection is on show at the Royal Mariemont Museum.

To mark the occasion of this generous donation and the exhibition at the Mariemont Museum, the King Baudouin Foundation has published Textiles coptes. La collection Fill-Trevisiol (Coptic textiles. The Fill-Trevisiol Collection).