The King Baudouin Foundation has acquired a collection of letters written by Georges Simenon to his friend Raymond Ziza. A precious and unprecedented source of information on the life and work of the creator of Commissaire(Inspector) Maigret.

The 2017 Prize for Belgian Heritage Abroad has been awarded to projects of the embassies in Kiev, Rio de Janeiro, Lima, Rome and Madrid. With this prize, the Belgian Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the King Baudouin Foundation continue to highlight the wealth of Belgian heritage abroad.

The Count Thierry de Looz-Corswarem Fund has been able to acquire a rare set of four large silver toiletry boxes. They can now be seen at the Cinquantenaire Museum, Brussels.

The Christian Bauwens Fund has been able to buy 7 pieces of designer jewellery from the mythical collection of Nelly Van den Abbeele. A testimony to post-war Belgian savoir-faire. The jewellery will be spotlighted at the opening of the new DIVA.

Paul Dumont, Ann-Kristin Källström, Grace Sippy, Julianne Ricksecker and Charlotte Massipare are the winners of the 2018 International René Carcan Prize for Printmaking. With this prize, the René Carcan Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, aims to promote the art of engraving and printmaking.

A large-scale drainage operation is underway for the pond at Boneffe. It will enable this nature site, of great biological interest and listed as one of the Natura 2000 sites, to recover its former appearance and fish population.