Album de Clérembault

Lambert Lombard
16th century

In 2000, the King Baudouin Foundation acquired the Album de Clérembault containing 69 drawings by Lambert Lombard (1505-1566). The work complements the Album d'Arenberg, purchased by the City of Liege for its Print Department in 1959, which also contains drawings by Lambert Lombard, his disciples and his Flemish and Liege contemporaries. These two albums form the Lambert Lombard’s studio collection that was patiently reconstituted by Canon Henri Hamal (1744-1820), a scholar from Liege who was passionate about his city’s cultural past. The collection provides an exceptional and extremely rare testimony to the organization of a Renaissance studio. Already during his lifetime, Lambert Lombard was an internationally renowned artist. An accredited painter to the Prince-Bishops of Liege, he was one of those universal artists of his time who was equally extolled as a painter, architect, designer and theoretician. The quantity as well as the variety of work contained in the album enables us to understand in detail, from within, how Lombard’s studio operated: the sources of interest and inspiration, the collection and observation of local and foreign models, the repeated exercises and the diversity of themes tackled. Website Cabinet des Estampes Further information about the Heritage Fund (in French)

Type of acquisition: 
Acquired by the Heritage Fund
Year of acquisition: 
Depository institution: 
Cabinet des Estampes, BAL, Liege