Book collection of Jacques and Jeaninne Versluys-Evrard

This collection of books, bequeathed as part of the Versluys-Evrard Fund, comprises some 150 precious books. With their creative 20th century book-bindings, original dispatches and additions of hand-made drawings by prestigious illustrators, each of the books is unique in function of one or another characteristic.

The Versluys-Evrard Fund is composed in equal parts of antiquarian books, from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. They also include beautiful original editions, a certain number of which contain engravings of an erotic nature or which delicately evoke all forms of love. One such example is an edition of Chéri, by Colette, published by Editions de la Roseraie (1929), with dry-point engravings by Marcel Vertès and bound by the expert hands of Geneviève de Léotard, a student of Pierre Legrain.

The collection has been entrusted to the Wittockiana in Brussels.