Collection of Belgian-designed furniture

In 2019, the Heritage Fund acquired several pieces of furniture created by Belgian designers. They were chosen because of their specificity and relevance in evoking various design movements in Belgium.

Among the pieces is a bookcase designed by Jacques Dupuis, one of the leading figures in post-World War II Belgian architecture. It is a rare piece, made for social housing between 1949 and 1954 in Malmedy and Auvelais.

Three works by Jules Wabbes have also been acquired by the Heritage Fund, namely a coat stand, a door handle and a wall light. The wall light is one of the artist’s showpieces and consists of hexagonal tubes that filter the light from the two sides of the lamp so that the wall lamp can be admired from top to bottom.

Finally, there is a ‘chauffeuse’ chair designed by Huib Hoste, typical of modernism between the two world wars, and a pair of stools designed by Willy Van Der Meeren, which illustrate playful modernism. Made by the Belgian company Tubax, the stools evoke Belgian heritage and know-how.

The furniture purchased by the King Baudouin Foundation will be entrusted to the Design Museum Brussels, to illustrate design periods in Belgium.