Hugo Claus Archives

A substantial part of Hugo Claus’s archives is now accessible to the public thanks to the Heritage Fund, which acquired the archive and entrusted it to the Letterenhuis in Antwerp. Hugo Claus is one of the 20th century’s greatest Flemish writers and his work is widely recognised both nationally and internationally. The pieces acquired by the Heritage Fund and entrusted to the Letterenhuis constitute the literary estate bequeathed by Claus after his death. The Heritage Fund was able to acquire the contents in its entirety thanks notably to Claus’s heirs, who did not wish to see the collection dispersed, and the enthusiastic support of the Letterenhuis in Antwerp. The historical, literary and scientific importance of the documents, many of which are yet to be studied, is indisputable. They reveal the creative process of one of the most emblematic Flemish authors through his correspondence, manuscripts, typescripts and proofs of poems, prose, films, theatre plays and notebooks, as well as through his personal documents, which include diaries, logbooks and documentation relating to literary prizes. Hugo Claus left a mark on his time and this bequest will enable us to better understand his manner of working, his literary and artistic ideas, his influence on younger generations of writers and his importance as a key figure in Flemish literature. The Letterenhuis is committed to sustainably promoting the scientific value of this unique heritage.