Jacqueline Nonkels photograph album

Although we already know much about René Magritte’s life, Jacqueline Nonkels’ photograph album provides an interesting tool to help us interpret the biographies of those in the photographs. Not just the photos themselves, but also the manner in which they are presented in the album, bring new interest. As it is the same people who regularly appear, we can observe how they develop little by little.

We know how much the lives of the Brussels surrealists, like those of us all, could sometimes be boring, trivial or frustrating. Yet it is precisely during the course of such daily and tiresome bothers that the spark of genius was born. This is probably nowhere more evident than in this album: the contrast between an ordinary Sunday, where only the dog is photographed, and the other moments of inspiration that sustainably nourish a painter’s vision, which makes these people famous and enables them to remain so.

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Publication « Magritte and Mariën, my accomplices »
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Musée de la Photographie, Charleroi