This collection of 78 rpm records contains phonographic output from some 150 brands and sub-brands. It is not surprising that the five leading record companies are most represented. There were, nevertheless, besides these recording giants, numerous small record labels producing a wide range of different formats, from the Berliner Company’s 17cm record to the 40cm produced by Pathé.

Most of the records measure 25 or 30 cms. Some of them have a recording on only one side, with or without a drawing printed on the reverse side, whilst others have a recording on both sides and a label in the middle. Sometimes the identification of the piece of music is engraved in the centre of the record. The surface of some of the records has an illustration. Some specimens are actually made in coloured material, in red, brown or ivory.

Publication «, la collection Yves Becko » (CD + livret)
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