Acquisition and exhibition: Collection of Jan Yoors photos

19th of November 2019

The Private Art Support Foundation is presenting a retrospective of the work of Jan Yoors that it recently acquired. ‘Jan Yoors, Photography 1934-1975: a selective overview’ is hosted by the Delen Private Bank, one of the PASFoundation’s new corporate partners.

The Private Art Support Foundation (PASFoundation) has as its objective to preserve and promote the works of eminent modern and contemporary Belgian artists. A series of corporate partners provide the means and their know-how, as well as spaces. An extensive collection has gradually been created. In order to ensure its future, cooperate closely with museums and encourage philanthropy in support of contemporary art, the PASFoundation has created a philanthropic fund bearing its name within the King Baudouin Foundation. This enables the collections to be continually placed in the service of the community.

The management policy of the collection aims to acquire a significant number of works created by Belgian artists so as to constitute one example of each artist’s work, with the accent being on modern, post-modern and contemporary Belgian art of the 20th and 21st centuries. The most recent acquisition is a collection of 26 photos by Jan Yoors.

Jan Yoors

Jan Yoors (1922-1977), son of the Antwerp stained glass artist Eugène Yoors, built his career in New York after the Second World War. In addition to his work as a writer and visual artist, Yoors was also a fascinating photographer. His multidimensional work was inspired by the wealth of his life experiences, from his youth – which he shared in large part with a Gypsy family – to his numerous trips and photo report and his captivity in the hands of the Nazis. His travels included trips in the Amazonian basin, the Far East and Russia, but he also frequented the neighbourhoods of New York such as Harlem, which was undergoing a veritable social revolution in the 1950s.

This exhibition has been able to see the light of day thanks to close collaboration between the businesses involved, the Yoors Family Partnership and Gallery FIFTY ONE. The installation of the exhibition shows that art does not necessarily have to be exhibited in museums, but can also be shown in places that the general public visits spontaneously and this is an important aspect for the PASFoundation.

Practical details

‘Jan Yoors, Photography 1934-1975: a selective overview’ / Jan Yoors, Fotografie 1934 - 1975: een selectief overzicht
From 22/11/2019 to 10/01/2020 inclusive.
In the lobby of the Delen Private Bank, Jan Van Rijswijcklaan 162, 2020 Antwerp (entrance via Jan Baptist Verlooystraat).
Free entry from Monday to Friday (except 25/12/2019).