Booklet devoted to the private collector

23rd of February 2015

The King Baudouin Foundation has recently published a booklet entitled 'Le collectionneur privé, passion et transmission' in partnership with the art magazine COLLECT Arts Antiques Auctions and the BRAFA.

The publication gives private collectors the opportunity to talk about their passion for (even their obsession with) collecting. They discuss their hopes as well as things that concern them, such as how to make their collections accessible to the general public and how to perpetuate their collections and safeguard their future. Actors from the worlds of museums and the arts as well as researchers discuss the historic role played by private collectors in creating our public collections, the particularities of the Belgian collector and the various forms of collaboration between public institutions and private collectors with a view to perpetuating our national heritage and ensuring its accessibility.

The booklet has been especially published for the BRAFA 2015 honorary stand dedicated to ‘The Belgian Collector’, created by the King Baudouin Foundation to mark the 60th anniversary of the Brussels Art and Antiques Fair.