Didier Comès in the spotlight again!

21st of December 2018

Don’t miss the exhibition ‘Didier Comès, Ardennes Inking’, which has just opened at the Abbey of Stavelot. The King Baudouin Foundation is marking the occasion with the publication of ‘Didier Comès. Leuchtendes tiefes Schwarz’.

Didier Comès is considered to be one of the greatest post-World War II creators of comic strip cartoons. Working at the margins of fashion and the dictates of commercial life, Didier Comès created a singular universe, dominated by the violence of attitudes to difference.

After the death of Didier Comès, and with no testamentary provisions having been made to manage his estate, his brother Max approached the King Baudouin Foundation to ask for advice. This led to the contents of the artist’s heritage being saved, comprising several hundred original artworks, preparatory sketches, storyboards and various documents.

This documentation fund has now been entrusted to the Musée en Piconrue in Bastogne, which will promote the collection and make it accessible to the public.

The exhibition in Stavelot shows a troubled storyteller, a poet of the animal and plant world whose graphic design is dominated by black and white. To mark the occasion, the Foundation has published ‘Didier Comès. Leuchtendes tiefes Schwarz’. The publication is available in three languages (French, Dutch and German) in the museum shop.

Practical details:

‘Didier Comès, Ardennes Inking’
Abbaye de Stavelot
Cour de l'Abbaye, 1
4970 Stavelot
Until 5 January, 2020
Mon-Sun : 10 am - 6pm