Discover the treasures of our nation’s heritage in our museums

10th of April 2020

So how would you feel about the museums coming to your home? The King Baudouin Foundation is highlighting its museum partners by inviting you to discover some of the masterpieces of Belgian heritage. 

During this period of confinement, we should like to offer you a series of short videos, each of which focuses on some of the pieces in our collections, chosen and presented by the curators of the museums where they are exhibited. There are new videos here every week in which our partners will lead you to discover some of the treasures of our heritage.

Gold Roman medallion, a talk by Johan van Heesch (Coins and Medals Department – KBR) (in Dutch)
In this episode, you can discover an exceptional gold Roman medallion with Johan van Heesch, Curator of the Coins and Medals Department of the KBR. The reverse side of this medallion from the 4th century gives us clues to the reign of the emperor Constantine the Great.  


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Coptic textiles from the Fill-Trevisiol collection, a talk by Arnaud Quertinmont (Royal Museum of Mariemont) (in French)
In this episode, Arnaud Quertinmont, Curator of the Egypt & Near-East Department at the Royal Museum of Mariemont, will lead you to discover three masterpieces of the Fill-Trevisiol collection.  This extraordinary collection of Coptic textiles includes fragments of clothing and interior fabrics from between the 2nd and the 10th century. 


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Emblemata evangelica ad XII signa codestica, a talk by Joris Van Grieken (Prints and Drawings – KBR) (in Dutch)
This album comprises 13 original drawings made by the Flemish painter Hans Bol and engraved by Adriaen Collaert. This work from the 16th century presents the months of the year, combining representations from the New Testament and lay scenes. Joris Van Grieken, Curator of Prints and Drawings at the KBR, will guide you through these exceptional drawings. 


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La Dame au Pantin, a talk by Véronique Carpiaux (Félicien Rops Museum) (in French)
La Dame au Pantin (Woman with a Puppet) by Félicien Rops is one of the most beautiful examples of Rops’s work illustrating female domination, a recurrent theme for him. The drawing marks a turning point in the artist’s work, placing it in the Symbolist sphere. Véronique Carpiaux, Curator at the Félicien Rops Museum, will guide you through the interpretation of the symbolic and mythological motifs in the drawing. 


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