The ‘Friends of’ Fund, an effective philanthropic tool

9th of December 2014

A number of supporters of associations active in the heritage field expressed their desire to provide financial support but also to be associated with decisions taken regarding the use of this support. The ‘Friends of’ Fund is a tool proposed by the Foundation’s Heritage Centre that enables them to do just this. The ‘Friends of’ Fund carries the name of the organisation that is the beneficiary. It is set up for a period of 3 years and has to generate €10,000 per year. This enables the association to plan an activity in the medium-term.

The following have used this tool to good effect for a philanthropic project:

Friends of La Petite Bande Fund
Philanthropists support projects of the baroque orchestra La Petite Bande, which is internationally renowned. They support research that enables La Petite Bande to play music dating from 1600 to 1800 that is historically accurate and uses instruments of the period.

Fund Friends of Rubenshuis
Philanthropists support projects relating to the Rubens House and its collections.

Fund Friends of Kazerne Dossin
Support projects that deal with the persecution of Jews and gypsies during World War II.

Friends of the Fondation Ars Mechanica Fund
Philanthropists support projects relating to the historic heritage of companies in the Groupe Herstal.