The Heritage Fund: Guest of honour at the 2012 BRAFA

2nd of January 2012

On the 25th anniversary of its creation, the Heritage Fund is exhibiting, amidst a set designed by François Schuiten, a selection from its collection of over 7,000 works of art and 6 archival funds.

Being the BRAFA’s guest of honour this year has enabled us to bring together a selection of our collection, which is usually dispersed across the country. At BRAFA’12 you will be able to see one of the first Art Nouveau electric lamps that we bought barely a month ago, a brilliant collection of almost 200 antique rattles, furniture from the 1950s designed by the architect Jacques Dupuis, the important ewer and bowl that once belonged to Rubens, but also an Enghien tapestry, abstract paintings from the Thomas Neirynck collection, the Bruges Holy Blood ensign, the portrait of Charles painted by his father Henri Evenepoel, photos of the explorer Stanley and music by Henri Vieuxtemps, to name but a few. François Schuiten was commissioned to create a set design which, thanks to its lighting and sound, enable the visitor to create a unique dialogue with each work.

Thanks to acquisitions, but also to the numerous donations it receives, the Fund has been able to constitute an exceptional art collection of some 7,000 works of art and 6 archival funds. From Jacob Jordaens to Philippe Wolfers, the Heritage Fund’s collection is notable for its great diversity, both chronological and typological. Each element in the collection is entrusted to a public institution (such as a museum, archive or centre) which offers the best possible context in which to make the work accessible to the public.

The Fund is also increasingly consulted to facilitate initiatives relating to preserving the nation’s heritage and to help sponsors to fulfil their wishes. After 25 years’ activities in the service of our heritage, the Fund has become one of the key actors in this field.

We should like to express our enormous gratitude to all of those who support the Fund in its activities to safeguard our heritage.

BRAFA’12: the 57th Antique Dealers’ Fair
From 21/01.2012 to 29/01/2012
From 11h to 19h
Tour & Taxis, Avenue du Port 86C, 1000 Brussels