Hugo Claus. Because I am not an image

28th of October 2013

Four works from the series of five entitled Le Radeau de la Méduse, created in 1964 by Hugo Claus (1929-2008) and Serge Vandercam (1924-2005), are on show until January 5, as part of the exhibition "Hugo Claus. Omdat ik geen beeld ben." at the Mu.ZEE in Ostend. The exhibition brings together a large part of Hugo Claus’s pictorial work.

Although Hugo Claus is known above all for his literary work, he was also a recognized painter and artist throughout his life. Close to the CoBrA movement, he worked with various artists and the Radeau de la Méduse paintings form part of the exhibition devoted to his collaboration with other artists.

It is clear from this series that for Claus painting was the close relation of poetry. In Le Radeau de la Méduse, the creators reversed each other’s roles: the writer (Hugo Claus) became the painter and the painter (Serge Vandercam) took up his pen. This series also provides a good example of the dynamic interaction between words and images.

The exhibition, which has assembled a substantial part of the drawings and paintings by Claus that have come to us is on until 5 January 2014 at the Mu.ZEE of Ostend.