Major works by Carpay return to Liege

26th of January 2015

The David-Constant Fund has just purchased an ensemble of large paintings by the Liege Painter Paul-Joseph Carpay. The works will be entrusted to the University of Liege to hang in one of the rooms in the Château of Colonster.

The David-Constant Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, has purchased a set of large paintings made by the Liege master. They were created at the end of the 19th century for the dining room of the Château of Bommershoven and demonstrate the artist’s artistic maturity. The paintings were removed during the 1950s after a fire, although they remained in the château until their sale at Lhomme, Liege, on 20 December 2015.

The largest of the paintings measures 200 x 365 cms. All of the works have the Orient as décor, albeit one that is more imaginary than real and reminiscent of the Tales of the Arabian Nights. The subjects remain unknown and could thus provide the focus for iconographic research. The paintings are major works by Carpay, who was at the height of his art when they were created, with largely original work and very little retouching. All of the paintings have been entrusted to the University of Liege, in preparation for hanging in the rooms of the Château of Colonster, where they will be available for viewing on request.

A native of Liege, Paul-Joseph Carpay (1822-1892) studied at the Fine Arts Academy of Liege. After being engaged by French painters to decorate a theatre, Carpay turned to decorative painting. During his long career he decorated churches, châteaux, town houses and other buildings.