'Marguerite' in Vienna

1st of February 2012

The exhibition 'Gustav Klimt / Josef Hoffmann. Pioneers of Modernism' is at the Belvedere in Vienna until 4th March 2012. The exhibition traces the collaboration of the painter Gustav Klimt (1865-1918) and the architect/designer Josef Hoffmann (1870-1956), which began during the creation of the Wiener Werkstätte and ended with the death of Klimt in 1918.

One of the themes in the exhibition looks at the significant influence of Belgian artists such as George Minne and Fernand Khnopff in the development of Viennese modernism. Towards 1900 there were intense exchanges between key Belgian figures and influential Austrians in the world of art, architecture and literature. The Belvedere exhibition illustrates this interaction, drawing parallels between the works of Fernand Khnopff, George Minne, Jan Toorop and Gustave Klimt. ‘Marguerite’, one of Khnopff’s masterpieces, is thus tête-à-tête with Klimt’s ‘Portrait de la dame en blanc' (Lady in White).

To be admired at the Belvedere in Vienna until 4th March 2012.