« Masques Géants du Congo » exhibition at the BELvue Museum

21st of May 2015

Discover this impressive exhibition of masks used during the mukanda (male initiation rites) by the Yaka and Suku peoples of the south-western region of the DR Congo. The masks, as well as other objects in the exhibition, form part of the ethnographic research and collections made by Jesuit missionaries in the Belgian Congo. Most of these pieces, which are remarkable for their artistic quality and exceptional forms, have never hitherto been publicly exhibited or written about.

By lending its support to the exhibition, the King Baudouin Foundation’s Heritage Fund hopes to raise awareness about forgotten ethnographic collections and ensure that the works and documents from such collections, so carefully preserved over the years, remain for future generations to enjoy.

Practical information:
Exhibition « Masques Géants du Congo »
BELvue Museum, Place des Palais, 7, 1000 Brussels
Until 8 November 2015
Free entrance