The Matelart Fund helps beautify Brussels

11th of September 2017

Brussels has many public spaces, often more or less hidden, where local inhabitants can enjoy the fresh air or a little chat. Some of these places could do with a face-lift. The Suzanne and Louise Matelart Fund supports projects that re-enhance public spaces, squares and parks in the Brussels-Capital Region or embellish them with a work of art. This autumn the Suzanne and Louise Matelart Fund is celebrating its fifth anniversary, a good moment to evaluate what has been achieved so far.
The Suzanne and Louise Matelart Fund has supported 5 projects for a total amount of €79,250.

The first laureate in 2012 was Je(ux) cultive in Anderlecht (part of Eco Innovation). Several multipurpose vegetable gardens saw the light of day in Curegem and Neerpede. Local residents, schools and neighbourhood associations rolled up their sleeves and got to work. In addition to vegetable growing, there were often special activities too.

Supported by Inscrire, a participatory work of art in ceramics by Françoise Schein on the theme of fundamental European rights was created in Ixelles in 2013. Pupils and neighbourhood associations got involved. The work can be seen in the Place du Germoir, near the Place Flagey. Re-development of this square is also part of the project.

In 2014, it was decided to provide the Primary School of the Commune of Scheut in Anderlecht with a « space to chat ». The Hanging Garden of Scheut brightens up the neighbourhood and provides parents with an agreeable place to wait for the school bell marking the end of the day. The park will only be finished in spring 2018, but much has already been achieved, including the provision of benches and window boxes.

In 2015, a small plot of land in Laeken was transformed with help from the neighbourhood to create a meeting place in the open air called Au Bord de l’Eau (At the Water’s Edge). Inhabitants from some of the other Brussels communes sometimes stop by as Constantin Meunier’s Monument au travail (Monument to Work) is also nearby.

And finally, in 2016, work began on the re-development of the Square de la Sainte-Famille in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. This project has not yet been completed. A new work representing a stylised leaf, by Nathalie Auzépy, will be integrated into the square. A map of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert can be seen in the veins of the leaf.

A new call for projects from the Suzanne and Louise Matelart Fund is now open. Applications can be presented until 09/11/2017.