New acquisitions for all of us to enjoy

22nd of August 2018

The perpetuity of major works that are part of our heritage is assured thanks to the King Baudouin Foundation’s Heritage Fund and its patron funds. During the last few months, the following pieces have become part of our collections:

Perle fine (Fine pearl), Oscar Jespers
This sculpture, by Oscar Jespers (1887-1970), represents the stylised head of a woman. It is one of the earliest masterpieces of Modernist sculpture in Belgium. Considered to be the most important Belgian Modernist sculptor of the 20th century, Oscar Jespers and his younger brother Paul Joosten, belonged to the Antwerp Avant-garde circle of Paul van Ostaijen. His work throws important light on the evolution of sculpture during the first half of the 20th century in Belgium. The work is currently on display at the Fine Arts Museum of Ghent.

A series of preparatory drawings of jewellery and accessories, attributed to L. Vander Cruycen
This extremely rare series of 23 18th century preparatory drawings brings together projects for a wide range of 127 objects, including earrings, broaches, buttons, buckles, frames for miniature portraits, (tobacco) box lids, sword handles and insignia, the Order of Malta and the White Eagle Order of Poland. They are exhibited at the DIVA in Antwerp.

Portraits, Victor Lejeune
These two paintings, by Victor Lejeune (1812-1863), represent the architect Auguste Vivroux (Liege 1824 - Verviers 1899) and his wife Caroline Cuvelier. They were acquired by the Summa Villa Fund, which has as its mission to preserve the heritage of the region of Verviers, and will be on show at the Museum of Verviers after restauration.

Les avantures de Telemaque fils d’Ulÿsse & c., Richard van Orley
The complete series of drawing entitled LES AVANTURES DE TELEMAQUE FILS D'ULYSSE & c. (The Adventures of Telemachus Son of Ulysses) brings together 86 drawings by the Brussels artist Richard van Orley (1663-1732). From the 18th century, the earliest biographies of van Orley praised this album as a real masterpiece. Thanks to the Marie Jeanne Dauchy Fund, this major work of the art of drawing in the former Southern Netherlands will now be preserved in its entirety. The series has been entrusted to the Royal Library of Belgium.