An oil painting on canvas by James Ensor restored

15th of April 2014

Painted by Ensor in 1889, La Chute des Anges Rebelles illustrates a passage from the Apocalypse of Saint John. In a violent explosion of colours, the angels, led by the Archangel Michael, chase the seven-headed dragon and its acolytes from paradise.

The ravages of time had distorted a correct reading of the work: the thick varnish had yellowed and the whole painting was covered with a greyish coat. Ensor’s particular play of colour and his characteristic use of materials had become unrecognizable.

The Antwerp Royal Museum of Fine Arts launched an important campaign of restoration for works in its collection in preparation for the museum’s re-opening in 2017 following renovation. The Baillet Latour Fund is an important partner in this project.