Paintings restored for the museums of Verviers

7th of June 2017

A campaign to restore a number of work is currently underway as part of a project to transform the former Hôtel de Biolley into the main building of the Verviers Museums. As part of this campaign, several paintings dating from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries have been able to be restored, thanks to the Léon Courtin - Marcelle Bouché Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, and the Baillet Latour Fund, which collaborates with the Foundation in its work to safeguard and preserve Belgian moveable heritage.

Among the works that have been restored are two oil paintings on wood made by 17th century painters from Antwerp: La Proposition d'un vieillard à une jeune fille (Proposal of an Old Man to a Young Girl), by David Rijckaert III (1612-1661), one of David Teniers the Younger’s successors, and Caïn tuant Abel (Cain slaying Abel) by Maarten Pepijn (1575-1642/3), a disciple and contemporary of Rubens.

Two 18th century paintings from Liege that have recently been reattributed have also benefited from restoration: Le Denier de César (Cesar’s Tribute Money), by Louis Counet (1652-1721) and Le Conseil des dieux (The Council of the Gods) by Paul Joseph Delcloche (1716-1755), official painter to the Prince-Bishop Johann Theodor of Bavaria.

Also to be mentioned is the restoration of a painting by one of the rare 17th century painters of Verviers: La Justice impassible (Impassive Justice) by Hubert Daniel, known as Hubert Follet (1652-1723). The work is an oil on canvas, commissioned for the former Verviers Town Hall, whose own history will become part of the future museum.