A participatory work of art

26th of May 2014

Thanks to an initiative by the Commune of Ixelles and in partnership with the ‘Inscrire’ association, the public space located at the corner of ‘Rue du Vivier’ and ‘Rue du Germoir’ in Ixelles (Brussels) will be re-developed and host a participatory work of art in ceramics on the theme of the Rights of Man.

Local schools and neighbourhood associations have been invited to illustrate one of the articles of the European Charter of Human Rights to create the work of art, based on a concept created by Françoise Schein (along the lines of those that the ‘Inscrire’ association and Françoise Schein have made in over 30 towns and cities in Europe and Brazil).

Participatory creative workshops, organized at the CIVA, brought together pupils from the ‘Ecole Professionnelle Edmond Peeters’ in Ixelles, members of the Ixelles Den Teirling association and students from the ‘Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer’, as well as other Ixelles inhabitants.

The ‘Inscrire’ association works with local people in communities across the European Union and the world to create works of art that highlight the Rights of Man and cultural diversity.

The Suzanne and Louise Matelart Fund aims to enhance the value and improvement of public spaces in Brussels, through the creation, production and re-development of public spaces and by locating works of art in these spaces that are witness to our national culture.