Public Domain Day

4th of March 2020

Efforts by the King Baudouin Foundation to make its collection accessible to the public via Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons have been cited as examples on the occasion of Public Domain Day 2020. 

Since 2018, the Foundation has in fact published over 3,000 works on Wikidata, a database hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. This has been done with the objective of getting our heritage better known by the general public as well as making the works digitally accessible.

In 2019, the images of 514 works from the Foundation’s collection, available on Wikimedia Commons, were used to illustrate 723 article in 35 different languages on Wikipedia, enabling information about our collections to be disseminated to over 10 million people around the world!

Public Domain Day had two main objectives: to clarify copyright directives and to share good practices of those in the field of culture regarding the promotion of their collections on digital platforms. The key subject was the coming into the public domain of the work of James Ensor. An illustration of the famous painting Squelette regardant chinoiseries (Skeleton looking at Chinoiseries), acquired by the Heritage Fund in 1995, was able to be put online on Wikimedia Commons.