Publication: 25 years of heritage!

3rd of January 2012

The Heritage Fund is celebrating its 25th anniversary and is publishing a commemorative book to celebrate this special event.

Twenty-five years in the service of our heritage deserves to be celebrated!
Over the last 25 years, the King Baudouin Foundation’s Heritage Fund has assembled a collection of thousands of works, each of which is, in its own right, important to Belgium’s heritage. The works, of many different types and from many different periods, are real ambassadors of our history and have been entrusted to some twenty institutions throughout the country.

To mark this event, the Fund has edited a book about its collection and for each of some thirty works it has invited an expert, curator, art lover or a sponsor who has played a role in saving the work to talk about it. This gives us the opportunity to hear from the people who help us to achieve our mission, but who often do their job with the utmost discretion. They talk about their experience in acquiring the work and present their own personal point of view about it.