Publication: Faïences gourmandes. La collection Braun-van den Corput

19th of April 2013

In 2010, the Léon Courtin-Marcelle Bouché Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, acquired the Braun-van den Corput collection, an exceptional ensemble of Brussels and European faience. This reference collection brings together a variety of so-called trompe-l’œil faience tableware, including terrines in the form of animals, birds and vegetables, as well as decorative statuettes representing domestic animals. Most were made in Brussels during the 18th and 19th centuries. This prestigious collection is now housed in the Château de Freÿr, an 18th century showcase, where the King Baudouin Foundation is a partner for the estate through the Laubespin-Lagarde Fund.

The publication recounts the history of the origin, development and production of faience. It places the collection within its historical context and highlights various pieces of the collection. The magnificent photos take us back to the sumptuous formal dinners of bygone years!