A rare edition of a collection of city views, known as vedute, by Lieven Cruyl is now part of Ghent’s collections.

20th of March 2014

The collection, which dates from 1666, brings together Baroque engravings representing Rome at the time of Pope Alexander VII. The album is unique since the artist was the only one of his time to make views of the city and also because this is the only complete edition of the work. There are two other sets, namely in the USA (at the Getty Museum) and in the Vatican.

The Foundation was able to acquire this masterpiece in New York. It has now entrusted it to the University of Ghent Library, where it completes both the “Roman collection” and the Gandvensia collection (works printed in Ghent or by Ghent artists). The work will be studied as part of the University’s History of Art and the Architecture programmes and will further knowledge about Lieven Cruyl and his contribution to the growth of vedute.