Restoration of the Hougoumont Farm

25th of November 2013

Among major projects being undertaken is the restoration of the Hougoumont Farm. Both the Duke of Wellington and Emperor Napoleon considered occupation of this farm as being critical to the outcome of the battle. Thanks to their own immense efforts and support from their allies, the British troops managed to defend the farm throughout the day.

Saving this site, on which the decisive battle took place, between the French on one side and the British and Prussians on the other, is an initiative of the Project Hougoumont Committee. The Committee has as its objective to ensure the future existence of this emblematic site, as well as making it a venue for reconciliation and reflection that will contribute to the education of future generations. It will also house a British memorial.

As a listed monument, the Walloon Region will finance part of the restoration work. Given its highly symbolic nature, the British Government will also contribute to the success of the project. The association can also count on support from British philanthropists and Belgian patrons to complete the project. The Hougoumont Fond, created within the King Baudouin Foundation, is centralising funds for the project and making sure that these lead to the project’s success. With its European network of transnational giving and the King Baudouin Foundation United States, this project is an example of the Foundation’s different philanthropic instruments working together.