Restoration of the No. 72 bus

8th of June 2012

The 72 bus is part of a series of 14 vehicles built in 1952 on a pre-war Mercedes chassis model and intended to be used as a replacement for little-used tramways. These vehicles ran on lines 17 (Guillemins – Bressoux) and 18 (Saint-Lambert – Bressoux) and their relative lightness enabled them to use the Bressoux Bridge, which from 1957 was banned for vehicles over 8.5 tonnes. They were taken out of service between 1969 and 1971, but vehicle n° 72 was converted into a breakdown truck, before being definitively retired from service in 1984.

This historic vehicle is a masterpiece of the Liege District Public Transport Museum and has been able to be restored thanks to support from the David-Constant Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation. Now we can see the bus restored to its original blue and cream livery which, at the time, earned it the nickname of « P’tit bleu » (“Little blue”).