The rose window returns to Spa

23rd of October 2018

On Saturday 20 October, the freshly-restored rose window was refitted, 9 metres high up, in the Protestant Church of Spa. The event was a major operation, needing not only a large crane, but also the expertise of an artisanal cabinet maker to apply the finishing touches. The restoration, which benefited from support by the Richard Forgeur Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, means that an extremely rare aspect of our architectural heritage has been preserved.

Thanks to impressive restoration work carried out by local artisans, the rose window of the Protestant Church of Spa has recently recovered its splendour of former times. Having spent the summer of this year in the choir of the church, where the general public could admire the details, the window has now been returned to its original place, high up in the gable.

A unique rose window

The rose window has a rare double face, a characteristic that is only matched by a similar window in Avila, Italy. Moreover, the back plane can turn on its axis. The radii in sanded glass decorated with stars and the iron framework are of remarkable finesse.

The restoration of the rose window marks the end of the restoration work at the Protestant Church of Spa conducted as part of a King Baudouin Foundation project account, which also enabled the façade to be restored, central heating to be installed and the replacement of the stained-glass windows in the nave. 10,000 euros were allocated to the project from the Richard Forgeur Fund.

Established by an expert in Liege heritage, the Richard Forgeur Fund has as its objective to support architectural heritage conservation and restoration projects in the region. The Fund is presided over by Michel Forest, Honorary Governor of Liege.