The second volume of "Archéologie entre Meuse et Hoyoux" is now available !

19th of February 2014

Saturday, 15 February 2014 saw the publication of the second volume of Archéologie entre Meuse et Hoyoux, le monde rural en Condroz namurois, du Ier au XIXe siècle . The event took place at the Château Ferme de Courrière, which is completing its own restoration after 25 years’ work.

Published to mark the 45th anniversary of Archeolo-J and its 25 years of activities in the Condroz Namurois, this is a follow-up to the first volume, which was devoted to sites excavated by the association, and traces the achievements to date after 20 years’ activities in the Condroz Namurois region. The need to widen the area of study soon became apparent. Two approaches were necessary: first defining a natural, historic and cultural context and second conducting an initial series of analyses and insights on the data recorded during the 20 years of excavations.

The work brings together a series of hitherto unpublished contributions and adds considerable knowledge about the subject. Twenty contributors address the subjects of the region’s geographical and historical framework, its economy and resources, manners of building and ways of living.

Completed under the direction of Raphaël Vanmechelen, archaeologist of the Walloon Region, the work is published in De l'Ardenne à la Meuse, number 45.

To mark the new publication, Archeolo-J is organizing an exhibition at the Tour d'Anhaive, in Jambes, from 6 May to 15 June 2014.

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